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Pool Survey Results So Far
  • Fix it and Leave it Where it is!  56

  • New Pool at Another Location! 36

  • New Pool at Norman Park! 81

  • Some Other Option! 10

  • Total Responses: 183!


Leave it Where it is:

  • Then we would no longer have a park.

  • For safety reasons of small children living in town I prefer the pool where it’s at.

  • Move the peewee football field and baseball diamond to Norman Park and expand the pool at the current location

  • I think it wise to reduce cost by repairing what we have already.

  • Splash pad maybe

  • Maybe add a baby pool!

  • Why fix something that's not broke as far as location? The pool is fine where it is & taxes are high enough!

  • No pool by the Library!

  • Leave the pool where it is!

  • Please, not the Norman Park!


New Pool at Another Location:

  • Get rid of the smaller more run down baseball field that needs ALOT of work and build there. Make it more wheelchair accessible (my 3yr old is in a wheelchair), bigger kiddy pool, bigger slide, some of those fountain things for kids to play under (like the water dump bucket), more of a covered area and seating for swim breaks, snacking. Splash pad outside of the pool for those smaller kids who can not swim yet, the possibilities endless with a bigger area.

  • The property around the post office would be a great location in my opinion.

  • Putting it at Norman Park would eliminate the only community park space we have. It's also not functional as it's too small of a space. No room for parking and poor accessibility.

  • Put a nominal fee, like $2 for every water bill and do not charge or charge $1 for entry.  Putting it by the library is a bad idea due to drainage and potential flooding.

  • Could it go in the empty lot space next to the post office?

  • Kids spent a lot of time at that park and it’s right in between the schools it would be a bad place to put the pool but I love the new pool idea

  • New pool either by the post office or library. Zero entry like Augusta. I would use Augusta’s pool as an excellent example for the spaces we have. Current location is too dangerous for kids to travel to on their own.

  • The whole area where the pool and baseball diamonds need a huge make over. We have the worst ball diamonds in our league! Redo the whole area. Our kids deserve it!

  • Put it next to the post office on the west side then maybe the businesses could profit from it and possibly bring more in..

  • Build a new pool if it can't be built in town

  • The block where the post office is located might be more central and larger area if it is available. 

  • Year-round pool


New Pool at Norman Park:

  • Definitely more user friendly in middle of town instead of rebuilding outside of town.  It would also be a lot safer for the kids traveling to and from the swimming pool on foot. 

  • New pool with awesome slides!!!

  • What about land next to post office

  • maybe see about purchasing the houses and lots on south side of highland to the ally and expanding the park with a new pool. it would give more options on pool placement and future expansion.

  • Much better place for kids to get to by walking than the current location. So much safer for the children.

  • One small town that I lived in had added a small amount to every resident's water bill ($1 I believe) and the pool was then free. Every kid in town hung out alternately between there and the park all summer long and they had very little trouble with bored kids over the summer.

  • This would be absolutely amazing!!!!

  • Try to leave as many trees at the park as possible. Make the pool big enough that our High School could have a swim team!

  • There are other needs in the city that also need attention.

  • We also need to keep the park so another location would be good. Our kids need a pool no matter where!!  Build new! 

  • This is the only entertainment for the children here in Towanda

  • Larger than current size to accommodate out-of-towners that utilize it. Have it open on Sundays. Area for little kids that is shallow. Slides instead of diving boards for safety. Handicap accessible area or splash pad so people of all abilities can utilize it. We would be willing to donate and agree the grant funding would be great. Eureka, KS also just got some of this grant money for a splash pad.

  • I think bringing it within city limits and walking distance of homes would be greatly beneficial for residents and improve quality of life for Towanda residents.

  • Make sure to have a wading pool for little kids that don't swim. Make it more handicapped accessible where it's a gradual increase instead of having to climb steps

  • Norman Park would definitely increase use

  • I would love the idea of having it so close to the schools, town and neighborhoods!!!

  • Building a new pool at the park works to bring more business to it and be safer for the kids getting to and from. My concerns are about the parking and costs involved. How big of an impact would it be on Towanda residents cost wise? And people could park at the school since it’s during summer, but would that be allowed?

  • Newer and bigger! It being in town would be beneficial to everyone!

  • It's about time. Let's have a new one!

  • Use sales tax to build a new pool; it's a bargain for kids!

  • Never should have been in the present location

  • Have a few fundraisers - but serve anything but crawdads 

  • Dream big!

  • Keep open longer, and don't shut down on Labor Day, Not closed on Sundays. 

  • Some nights for adults only


Some Other Options:

  • I just think the pool needs to be in town where it is accessible to all the kids that have to walk to get there. It also needs to be on a paved street so there isn't all the dust. I'm not picky about the location in our town.

  • Build a rec center with indoor/outdoor pool that can be shared with the district and the Circle High Swim Team.

  • New pool but perhaps buy some of the land on the left hand side and put it there. Still use the old pool while building the new one to make money. However when it is built fill in old pool and extend the parking lot for the ball fields.

  • Build new pool near or at present location unless a suitable place can be found in town not the park it is too small and no parking area.  cut down trees. picnic area up there needs to be redone.  tables are bad

  • Has there been any research done on putting a splash pad in Norman Park instead of another pool? I believe it would be more economical yet appealing to families with little ones.  Bringing more families to town and visitors to eat in our restaurants, and purchase from our gas station would be a great thing! I think bringing it into town would help to create more community as well.

  • I would hate to see the summer employment opportunities go away for our youth if we closed the pool, but I don’t believe we can afford to raise taxes anymore than we have already.

  • Thank you for allowing us to weigh in on this and so many other decisions. It’s truly appreciated!

  • New, bigger, would be nice. When there are a bunch of inconsiderate teenagers that take over the pool, it’s hard when us parents and our younger children get run over trying to enjoy ourselves.

  • Could the City and the school district work hand in hand to create a pool facility that could be used by the community as well as the elementary schools for swimming lessons, middle school for a swim unit in PE, and high school for PE, conditioning for varsity sports, and for the swim teams?

  • The land, north of Norman, adjacent to the school has only a small baseball field, but otherwise, it has a parking lot and if the space is large enough, would be a great location. The park is full of trees which will create maintenance problems for a pool. But, having a pool in the town will create a shift in traffic for locals coming from outside the city limits, potentially generating an increase in revenue for the local businesses.

  • Why not a water park? 

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