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The Towanda Herald was our City's very first newspaper. The first edition was printed on April 9th, 1885. We have claimed it for our City's Monthly Newsletter to keep the name alive!

You can visit the Towanda Area Historical Museum and read a GIANT copy of that first edition from 1885!

Subscribe to the Towanda Herald for news and information about what's happening in town and around the area! 

This newsletter will be emailed to you monthly. If you would like a printed copy, stop by City Hall and pick one up!

Advertisements - If you would like to advertise in the Towanda Herald, here are some of the basics: 

  • Our local businesses take priority! 

  • Ads must be publish-ready and submitted preferably as PDF. TIF or JPEG files are also accepted.

  • All image files submitted should have a 300 dpi resolution to ensure the highest presentation quality possible for your advertisement. 

  • We're keeping it simple to start!

    • We only use one standard size: Square, 3-1/4" x 3-1/4" (Actual Measurement) 

  • $10 per Edition (Currently one edition per month)

    • We can add that fee to your monthly Towanda utility bill if you would like. ​

Submissions and Contributions - If you would like to submit articles and other content:

  • All submissions must be received by the 10th of each month.

  • Photos:

    • Must be submitted as TIF or JPEG files and should have a 300 dpi resolution to ensure the highest printing quality possible.

      • ​You must either own or have permission (in writing, which you include with the submission) for each graphic submitted.

  • Articles:

    • It must be submitted in a Word doc.

    • Do not send drafts. Send the final, polished article. (We reserve the right to edit.) 

    • We highly recommend that you use some editing tool such as Grammarly! We use it ALL the time! (And we still misspell things!)​


We reserve the right to reject any article or advertisement we consider to be offensive or improper material. 

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