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animal control

The Public Works Department serves as the Animal Control Division for the City of Towanda.  Dogs impounded for running at large are kept at the Towanda shelter.  The state-required 72-hour hold allows time for the owner to claim them before they are available for adoption or are released for euthanasia or otherwise disposed of.

If you have a lost dog, please contact Towanda City Hall to inquire if it has been impounded.  An impounded animal which does not have a current rabies vaccination may be released to its owner on the condition that vaccination and licensing requirements shall be met within three business days following such release.

Please see Chapter 2 of the City Code for more information on animal regulations, including violations for dogs running at large. 

The City of Towanda requires animal licenses for all dogs that reside within the city limits.  Licenses are obtained through City Hall.  Current rabies vaccination documentation must be provided to obtain the license and tag. More information can be found here.
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