Municipal Court

Towanda Municipal Court is dedicated to providing fair, efficient, professional, and effective dispositions of all matters within its jurisdiction.  Towanda Municipal Court has jurisdiction of violations of City ordinances for traffic cases and other types of cases, such as code violations and misdemeanor criminal matters.


Municipal court is held regularly on the second Tuesday of each month at 12:00 P.M. (noon) at City Hall, 110 S. 3rd, Towanda, KS 67144.  Proceedings are on a first-come basis.  Attendees are asked to sign in when they enter the court room, and names are called in the order they signed in.

Frequently Asked Questions

What plea options are available?

Guilty:  You admit to the act you are charged with, and admit that the act is unlawful, and that you
have no defense for the action you committed.

Not Guilty:  You deny that you committed the unlawful act you were charged with.  At that time it becomes the responsibility of the city to prove your guilt in trial.  Everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

No Contest:  You have the option to plea no contest to the City’s charge.  Upon a plea of no contest, the Judge will enter a finding of guilty and order a fine, jail time or other sentence.  A plea of no contest is not an admission of guilt or fault and cannot be used against you in a civil suit for damages.

How do I pay for a ticket?

A ticket may be paid in full (in one lump payment) prior to the court date listed on the ticket to avoid having to appear in court on said date.  Those payments may be made in person, by mail, online, or by phone (see payments page).  If requested, payment plans may be established at the time of your court appearance.

Is there a way to keep a moving violation off my driving record?  Can it be amended?

Charges can only be amended by the City Prosecutor.  The Prosecutor has various diversion programs and amendment options.  For questions regarding amendments, diversions, or keeping charges off of your driving record, please contact Towanda Municipal Court at 316-249-9018 or speak to the Prosecutor at your court appearance.