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animal licenses

Annual City animal licenses are required for all dogs that reside within the city limits.  Following are the licensing fees.  Current rabies vaccination documentation must be provided to obtain the license and tag.


Licensing Fees:

On or before March 31st — free

New residents within 30 days of residency — free

After March 31st — $10 per animal

After citation has been issued for violation — $25 per animal

The city clerk or designated agent shall issue a duplicate or replace a tag which has been lost, upon payment of a replacement fee of $2. The replacement fee may be amended from time to time by resolution with a copy of such resolution at all times on file with the city clerk.

An impounded animal which does not have a current rabies vaccination may be released to its owner on the condition that vaccination and licensing requirements shall be met within three business days following such release.
Please see Chapter 2 of the City Code for more information on animal regulations.
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