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code enforcement

The Planning and Zoning Department helps create a vibrant city of lasting value by engaging the community through neighborhood revitalization, sustainable land use and infrastructure choices, regional transportation planning, historic preservation, and zoning administration.  The Planning and Zoning Department provides technical support to the Governing Body, Planning Commission & Board of Zoning Appeals, City Administrator, all City departments, residents, the business community, and the general public on current land use and development issues.

The Comprehensive Plan for the City of Towanda establishes community-wide goals and serves as the basis for making zoning decisions.  No zoning laws or plan, however, can provide for the general public good and at the same time accommodate all individual interests.

The Planning and Zoning Department also serves as the Code Enforcement Department.  The City of Towanda has adopted codes to ensure that properties do not become unsightly, to improve the overall safety of neighborhoods, and to ensure consistent property values. The City’s Code Enforcement Officer works directly with property owners and tenants with the goal of obtaining voluntary compliance with the Codes of the City of Towanda.

To obtain a building plan, permit, or contractor's license, contact the planning and zoning administrator.  

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