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New Towanda Silo

Our Maintenance Crew is out looking for leaks! Right now we have several that seem to be elusive. Your water pressure might fluctuate as they open and shut gate valves around town. The water flow may stop momentarily too. This is going to take some time.

The ground is pretty water-soaked with all the moisture we have gotten. Standing water is understandable. However, should you notice an area that may be wetter than it should be, let City Hall know. Water mains will normally run in front of your house along the street. City Hall: 316-536-2243

Water Leak.jpg
Workshop 6 pm, Wednesday, Oct. 4th, 2023 @ City Hall

Subject: Discussion of New Fire Station Options and Potential Lagoon Land Development

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Severe Weather Shelter 2.png
New Location of the Community Storm Shelter

The community storm shelter has a new location.  It is now located in the gym of the Circle Towanda Elementary School.

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